Syn-Mar Color Options


Moondust in Solid Surface

Available in matte or glass finishes, our surfaces add high-design drama to shower stalls, shower basins, tub enclosures, tub decks, vanity tops, sinks, wet bars and trim work.  We offer a vast array of color options.  The appearance of your surface is completely within our control, and because of this we cam feature vibrant colors, earth tones, natural textures and design patterns in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations.  We can compliment furniture, woodwork, appliances, fixtures, wallpaper – even your own eye color!

Color Categories

  • Engineered Marble

    A an array of colors such as Glacier and Dusty Rose combined with white for a natural stone appearance.

  • Engineered Granite - Imperial Series

    Our Corian Solid Surface Imperial Series is inspired by the great rulers of the Roman Empire from Claudius, to Constantine, to Tiberius and more!

  • Engineered Granite

    Natural Granite formations adorn these surfaces with names such as Black Sea, Boston Brown and Copper Ridge.

  • Engineered Onyx

    Natural Onyx patterns in a variety of color combinations such as Black Onyx, Mexican Sand Onyx and Raspberry Onyx.

  • Solid Surface Odyssey Series

    Our Solid Surface Odyssey Series bares the names of Gods and Heroes such as Hercules, Jupiter, Mercury & more.

  • Solid Surface Corian

    Corian is a solid surface product that is manufactured by Dupont. Dupont is a science and engineering company that has a dynamic lineup of products, materials, and services. At Syn-Mar Products, we purchase Corian in large panels from Dupont which we then custom fabricate depending on our customers’ needs. Check out all of the available Corian colors here – Colors of Corian.

  • Solid Surface Staron

    Staron Solid Surfaces are manufactured by Lotte Advanced Materials. Staron offers dependable performance and hygienic surfaces in a wide range of colors. Check out all of the available Staron colors here – Colors of Staron

  • Real Stone Colors

    This line of color options are inspired by the real granite and marble colors such as Meteorite and Amazon Ubatuba!