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Tub Surrounds

Dramatic Colors & Styles

Matching Countertops

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Kitchen Counters

Variety of Surfaces & Styles

Vast Array of Color Options

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Bathroom Vanity Tops

Multiple Designs & Style Options

Standard & Custom Bowl Styles

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No Grout Base & Walls

Low Maintenance Easy Cleanup

Variety of Colors & Style Options

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Bars & Tabletops

Custom Configurations

Vast Assortment of Styles & Colors

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Our Specialties

  • Bathroom Vanity Tops

    Syn-Mar produces elegant and durable bathroom vanity tops that will fit 
any size, style, and decor!

  • Showers & Tub Surrounds

    Syn-Mar Tub Surrounds & Shower Walls deliver standard and custom solutions to fit any size or shape.

  • Kitchen Counters

    Syn-Mar’s Engineered Composite surfaces are MasterCast to mimic—and even exceed—the timeless beauty of granite, marble, and onyx.

  • Bars & Tabletops

    Syn-Mar Bars & Tabletops can be made into any custom configuration you wish to make your home-bar something for your neighbors to envy.

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Latest News

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Ellington Farmers Market

Cultured Marble is a slightly dated blanket term for manufactured marble, granite, and onyx. Overall, as an industry we are trying to get away from the term Cultured Marble...

Cultured Marble vs Engineered Marble

Cultured Marble is a slightly dated blanket term for manufactured marble, granite, and onyx. Overall, as an industry we are trying to get away from the term Cultured Marble...

Is a Custom Shower Base Right for You?

At Syn-Mar Products we manufacture durable Engineered Stone surfaces for the kitchen and bath. When in the bathroom, the showers are perhaps the most heavily used area just behind the sinks...

Meet Our Furry Friends

If you have ever been into our showroom in Ellington, Connecticut, you might have noticed a couple of Labrador Retrievers alongside our office staff...

What is Cultured Marble?

Cultured marble, cultured granite and cultured onyx are all examples of man-made stones used for kitchen and bath surfaces, however, the term “Cultured Marble” is rather dated...

Recent Projects - Springfield College

Springfield College is a private college located off of I-91 in Springfield, Massachusetts. It is a coeducational school offering undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral degrees...

Upgrading Dormitory Bathrooms

At Syn-Mar Products we know that a huge factor for prospective students when picking the right university is the dormitories...
Liquor world exterior

Recent Projects - Liquor World

Like most retail stores, Liquor World was faced with the problem of finding a safe place for customers to purchase their booze of choice before leaving the store...
sweet frog outside

Recent Projects - Sweet Frog

It was not long ago that the self-service frozen yogurt bars swept across New England in a big way...

About Syn-Mar Products

Syn-Mar is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the communities of New England for more than 30 years. We are proud that we have created jobs in our community and that our products continue to be manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. Our experience and expertise in producing MasterCast Engineered Composite surfaces has made us a trusted and preferred source for vanity and counter tops, tub decks, shower stalls, walls, sinks, trim, and matching accessories for every room of the home. Learn more.

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